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Lubricant Change Tips

Oil is one of the most important parts of compressor maintenance. Understanding best oil change practices will help you get the most out of your breathing air compressor. Little known fact - you should not be using a funnel to pour new oil into your compressor. Funnels can be the worst offenders when it comes to oil contamination. C.A.S.E. technicians can get you outfitted with what you need for safe and proper oil changes as well as easy oil analysis.

Contaminants have the potential to get into the oil during normal compressor operations. It is very important to keep an eye and do consistent oil analysis of your compressor. Contaminants can come from the environment, improper handling and the oil breaking down/additive depletion.

Heat and humidity can take a huge toll on the life of your oil. In tropical conditions your oil will breakdown before some factory recommendations. Understanding the compressor size, oil system and operating conditions will allow you to choose an oil change interval that works best for your compressor. We generally recommend the below for high pressure air systems used in breathing air applications:

Portable compressors like the Bauer JRII or Bauer Oceanus we suggest every 50 hours

Standard compressors 13 to 26 CFM units like the Bauer Vertecon 13 we suggest every 150 to 200 hours

Large compressors 30 + CFM units like the Bauer K42 or Bauer K60 we suggest every 300 to 350 hours

Always contact your service center with your system information and they will help ensure you are using not only the right lubrication, but changing it at the correct intervals.

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