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Amazon Breathing Air Compressor? Use These Lubricants

Avid SCUBA enthusiasts dream of owning their own compressor for SCUBA fills. No more lugging tanks to the shop or waiting for fills. Personal compressors for home use can generally run from $3,000 - $15,000.00 depending if you buy new or used, big or small, simple or upgraded.

My Dad always told me “if it seems to good to be true – it is!” I’m talking $500.00 compressors from Amazon and Walmart Marketplace that can fill SCUBA tanks, car tires, air rifles, and perhaps my Macy’s Day Parade balloon… You’ll see them under the names Yong Heng, Orion and Davy – all similar styles.

These compressors will reach a high enough PSI to fill a scuba tank, but there are extra steps you need to take to ensure you’re putting safe, breathable air in your tank. You could be poisoning yourself with Carbon Monoxide, Hydrocarbons and various other elements found in the ambient air compressed or the oil used in the compressor. Proper filtration needs to be added on to these style compressors. Those little wads that they come with are not doing enough filtration/purification alone if you are using these for breathing air.

As for oil – I’m going to say this as loud as I can so the people in the back of the room can hear…

It says so right in the SDS sheet:

I know.. I know.. Royal Purple though…

Why do you want to use something that says it’s an “Aspiration Hazard” in a compressor that pumps air you’re going to be breathing. Compressed air 101 – oil can and will get into the air stream. An oil and water separation is often not the stand alone solution to remove all of the oil from the air you’re putting into your tank.

Please choose an oil that is designed for breathing air applications. CF Lubricants has 3 different breathing air safe options for these compressors. Blended to an ISO grade 46 – we even have a food grade option available. Why take a chance? Our premium lubricants will do wonders for your compressor. Have one of these and need some assistance? We specialize in breathing air systems and would be happy to help improve your set up with filtration, oil or anything else you may need.

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